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Ian Somerhalder is living proof that hard work and dedication really do pay off when you put your mind (and colossal social media presence) to it!

[The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) Actor and environmental activist (actorvist?!) Ian Somerhalder’s passion for saving the planet has led him to some high places. After leaping to the aid of the environment and all its beautiful creatures for years, he has been designated a United Nations Environment Programme Goodwill Ambassador. Hurrah!

His formally designation will happen tomorrow on June 5th which is, not coincidentally, also World Environment Day.

In order to reach his first target, Ian Somerhalder needs your help. If you are willing to make a pledge to 'Go Greener', maybe you can help the hunky actor beat his competition!

Simply follow the link below to do Ian a huge favor, and rub some soothing balm on momma earth while you're at it;

Ian’s 'Go Greener' team is currently in the lead and racing ahead the likes of Gisele Bundchen, Don Cheadle and Yaya Toure.

Ian Somerhalder released the following statement in explanation for his support and dedication to the project;

Humans are currently consuming far more than our planet can provide or sustain. We are polluting our air with carbon emissions, destroying our forests and species, and filling our seas with plastic and waste. The time is now to go greener by making choices that are good for people and the planet

Amen to that!

It really doesn't take much to really help the planet. Whether it's cutting your meat consumption, recycling your cans and bottles or using a canvas tote instead of plastic carrier bags - every little really does help. If everyone makes small changes, the difference will be huge.

Will you be joining Ian Somerhalder's campaign to 'Go Greener'?


Will you be doing anything to 'Go Greener'?

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