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Robert Pattinson is constantly being linked to mysterious women, but there is rarely more evidence than the whisperings of a cash hungry anonymous source. This time however, we have video footage- so could this be Rob's new lady friend?

The [Maps to the Stars](movie:7142) actor was spotted by an eagle eyes Instagrammer at a Katy Perry concert, but he wasn't alone. Pattinson was captured in video footage with his arm around a mysterious woman, whispering in her ear over the volume of the music.

Check out the video evidence below;

But, just who is she, and could they be more than friends?

Hollywood Life has reported that the lucky lady in question is Katy Perry's long time assistant Tamra Natisin, so naturally I did some digging!

So, are they together? My detective skills tell me, probably not. It seems that Natisin actually has a girlfriend, the androgynous model Erika Linden who is famous for modelling on both male and female catwalks.

Check out the pair getting cosy in the Twitter pic below;

Well, that stamps on that relationship rumor before the foul beast has any time to grow! I can officially award any further claims that Rob is dating Tamra a colossal;

It's not surprising that Pattinson and Natisin are close friends. Katy Perry and Rob have been close friends for years, so naturally he and Tamra would have spent a lot of time together. Tamra also looks like a super fun lady too, which can't hurt!

Do you think that Robert Pattinson will ever have another verified relationship?


Will Rob ever get another girlfriend?

(Source: Hollywood Life)

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