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Kit Simpson Browne

Sometimes our lives are defined by the things that we do, or by the sights that we see. By what who we have been, and by those who have known us. Sometimes, though, they are defined not by what was, but by the stories we tell.

The latest animated film to emerge from France, The Incredible Marrec is a whimsical and charming take on this idea - showing that the difference between the truth and a good story can sometimes be overestimated.

Directed by Regis Aillet, Alexandre Bass, Clement Chaudat, Etienne Devillée, and Maxime Moreira, al of Montepelier's Ecole Supérieure Des Métiers Artistiques (ESMA), the film features an aging fisherman returning to shore with a tiny catch, for which he is mocked by a small boy, waiting for him at the dock. The story he tells the boy by way of response is the very best kind of adorable.

You can check it out in full below:


What do you guys think? Adorable, or not so much?



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