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Harry Potter and Twilight probably started it; Mockingjay and Divergent recently followed suit; The Hobbit and Fantastic Beasts could carry some blame too. Indeed, franchise features see no issue with fleshing themselves out these days and with everything considered, really, who could blame them?

Having spent years dwelling in Pixar's shadow, How to Train Your Dragon was a full blooded smash hit for Dreamworks and their follow up (which we were lucky to see) happens to be quite good too. So good, it seems, that before the sequel has even hit cinemas, animation chief Jeffrey Katzenberg is planning to go on, and not just for number 3. Speaking to Collider, HTTYD2 composer John Powell had this nugget to reveal:

I saw Dean [DeBlois, the film's director] in Cannes, we had a premiere of the film there, and he was very merry and a bit drunk and I think it was mentioned to him by Jeffrey [Katzenberg, head of Dreamworks Animation] that maybe they would do four.

The composer went on to say that:

It might be good because he’s got a lot of story left to tell, so maybe splitting it into two will work, but I just don’t know about that yet. I’m supposing that at the moment, Dean has an idea for the third one and he isn’t telling any of us.

A second hand comment from a drunk director at Cannes? It doesn't get much more solid than that folks. If they do decide to go down the split-third-instalment road though, we can't say it will come as much of a surprise.

What do you guys think? Do Toothless and Hiccup have four films worth of adventuring in them? Let us know below.

For now though, [How to Train Your Dragon 2](movie:44736) hits Theatres on June 13th, and of course, more on [How to Train Your Dragon 3](movie:570818) - and possibly 4- as we get it.


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