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Fans of iconic horror villainy rejoice: Paul Naschy, the late (but very much still iconic) Spanish actor is set to return to our screens - or, at least, his voice is. New horror film Wax, Victor Matellano's directorial debut, is set to feature old theatrical recordings of Naschy's voice, re-purposed as an animatronic wax figure.

The film stars Jack Taylor, Geraldine Chaplin and Jimmy Shaw, and from the sounds of the synopsis, could be absolutely spine-chilling:

Wax tells the story of a young journalist employed to spend a night at Barcelona’s Wax Museum, where paranormal activities are supposed to be taking place. He must record everything happening there. In the museum there are different wax figures including Dr. Knox one, a sadist cannibal surgeon who loves dressing up as Vincent Price in House of Wax. Soon, the journalist will start feeling he is not alone….”

You can check out two posters and some awesome stills from the film below:

However, whilst it's great to hear that the legendary Naschy - during the course of his career he played the Wolfman, Frankenstein's Monster, Count Dracula, the Hunchback and the Mummy - will return, there's certainly something a little morbid about it being from beyond the grave. Hopefully, though, Wax will prove interesting and engaging enough that his presence will be a nostalgic aside, and not a distraction.

[Wax](movie:855019) is set for release some time this year.


What do you guys think? Screaming for more from Wax?

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