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Anyone who knows me knows that I am some what of a Disney fanatic ( I even did my final dissertation on it) which means that for the past two years I've been a little over excited to see Disney's Maleficent...

When I finally did have a chance to see it I was not disappointed, I loved Jolie's portrayal of the classic villain and the spin on the classic story. It didn't rush her back story but also didn't put to much emphasis on Sleeping Beauty, it was a perfect mixture that blended. However that being said it is clear how the success of Frozen has influenced Maleficent...or perhaps it's a new direction Disney seem to be going in.

I'm about to spoil the film, so you know, WARNING:

In the original film it is of course Prince Phillip who awakes her with True Love's kiss after a fairy eases Maleficent's curse into a sleep instead of death...

However in this Disney version, Maleficent curse states that only true loves kiss can wake her because Maleficent does not believe in true love because of her past. So when it comes to waking her it is not Phillip's kiss who wakes her as he states "I don't really know her. We just met" and fails to wake her. However Maleficent who has felt somewhat of a motherly bond towards her after seeing her grow up tells her how sorry she is for having a cold heart and she will never be forgotten. Ending with a kiss on her head....

You got it, True love's kiss, the love of a family.

I personally like the twist but at the same time I can see how this is going to get predictable is every Disney film from now on will have family love instead of True love. I'm all for modern tales because lets face it no one marries someone they've met for a day...but I love the whole fantasy element of finding a prince charming but also being able to look after myself...Almost like Rapunzel in Tangled.

That being said it's a great film and the special effects in this film is just great!

I really suggest everyone go see it, but I just couldn't help noticing the changing trend within Disney Movies.


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