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Tino Jochimsen

Update: Voting is now closed!

Welcome to the second round of Moviepilot's Green Lantern fan casting spectacular. Let's not waste too much time pondering the results of the first round.

But it turns out many of you wouldn't mind giving Ryan Reynolds another shot at saving the universe, even after the not exactly great Green Lantern.

Who knew?!

But let's see if the the actor can weather the onslaught of round numero due or as sadly nobody really calls it: the devil's snake pit!

Here, again, the schedule:

  • The semifinal begins next week Monday
  • The voting on the two finalists (ominously) starts Friday the 13th
  • The winner will be announced Monday the 16th

Ladies and Gentlemen, cast your ballots now!


Ryan Reynolds vs. Idris Elba


Dwayne Johnson vs. Chiwetel Ejiofor


Theo James vs. Michael J. White


Robbie Amell vs. Armie Hammer

Anything to add? Feel free to laud, criticize or beweep our selection. As always, attempts at shamelessly influencing the vote are welcome too.


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