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The famous internet meme and 'creepypasta', Slender Man, is currently at the heart of a bizarre and rather unbelievable murder attempt by two 12-year old girls.

According to The Independent, two girls have been accused of luring a third girl to the words where they stabbed her 19 times in an attempt to appease the fictitious internet character, Slender Man.

Reportedly, the girls had developed a fascination of the character after encountering the name on the Creepypasta Wiki website. 'Creepypasta' is an internet term for modern day ghost stories and urban legends, often based around fictional anonymous stories and photoshopped images.

One of the original Slender Man images.
One of the original Slender Man images.

According to detectives, the girls started planning the murder in February in order to become "proxies" of the demon-like character who is said to abduct or stalk children. One girl also claimed to have seen the character in her dreams, adding he can read her mind and teleport.

Initially, the girls were believed to have conspired to kill their victim during a sleepover party, and intended to kill her in her sleep.

Ultimately, it seems they changed their plans to the next day, while playing hide and seek in the woods. It was here that one girl allegedly told the other to "go ballistic, go crazy". The victim was then stabbed 19 times on her arms, legs and torso, with one wound missing a major artery by a "millimeter". Following the attack, the girl crawled to a nearby road where she was found by a cyclist. She is currently in hospital in a stable condition.

The police complaint states:

As they left for the park ... (the victim) was walking in front of them and [one girl] lifted up the left side of her white jacket and displayed the knife tucked in her waistband.
[The girl] stated she gave [the other] a look with wide eyes and, when asked what that meant she stated, 'I thought, dear god, this was really happening.

Both girls are due to be tried in Wisconsin for first degree attempted murder. Surprisingly, considering their age and the bizarre circumstances of the attack, both suspects are to be tried as adults, meaning they could potentially be sentenced to 65 years in prison.

Arriving on the scene on the Something Awful forum in 2009, The Slender Man is the creation of Eric Knudsen (a.k.a "Victor Surge"). His form and lore has since been adopted by various internet users and the figure has appeared in countless examples of fan art, stories and even a successful horror video game, which is commonly named as one of the 'scariest games ever made'.

Described as a tall, unnaturally thin man with a blank, featureless face and abnormally long arms, Slender Man is most often depicted in a suit and tie and is most frequently described as residing in woods where he abducts hapless passersby for unknown reasons. Check out some more example of Slender Man images below:

Since the incident, the Creepypasta wiki has released the following statement:

Of course, only a small minority of people (mostly newcomers) on the wiki (and the Internet) truly believe what they read here. And for most people, they will not attempt replicate atrocities presented in some of the literature on the wiki. Something like this was bound to happen, considering the size of the Creepypasta community. All it takes is one person to do something insane and radical in the name of someone or something.
This is an isolated incident, and does not represent or attribute the Creepypasta community as a whole. This wiki does not endorse or advocate for the killing, worship, and otherwise replication of rituals of fictional works. There is a line of between fiction and reality, and it is up to you to realize where the line is. We are a literature site, not a crazy satanic cult.

The girls admitted the attack and are currently awaiting sentencing, although it is likely their trial as adults will be appealed. They recently appeared in court where bail was set at $500,000 each.

What do you think? Have you heard of the Slender Man? Can you believe someone would actually think it's real?


Have you heard of The Slender Man?



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