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There has been a lot of talk about who would be a good choice to play Doctor Strange lately, well, what about Jared Leto?

If you have never seen Dallas Byers Club or Requiem for a Dream then I would suggest watching them before you make your call on whether or not Jared Leto can take on Doctor Strange.

Jared Leto has definitely proved himself worthy to take on the role, given he won an Oscar for his role in Dallas Byers Club. I think he would be perfect to play Doctor Strange. He's an incredible actor, who can clearly take on any challenging role, given he can play a gay, cross-dressing aids patient. He would really make Doctor Strange...strange. Plus, he's got the look for it. Just dye his hair and give him a pencil thin mustache. PERFECT! I think you hardcore Doctor Strange fans will be pleased if they do cast Jared Leto. I know I will be.

My only other choices would be, of course, Liam Neeson.

I mean the man does look like a god, damn good first choice to be Doctor Strange. But personally, he's gotten to be a little over rated. I think he is a great actor and I would love for him to get out of the whole, Taken character he plays in everything now. My other choice would be Viggo Mortensen.

For the sole fact that he is an incredible actor, like Leto, and can do anything. And Adrien Brody.

He's got the look, but does he have the spunk to play Strange? That's for you to decide. I think if it gets down to either four, fans will be pleased. Me personally am rooting for Jared Leto.


How would make the better Doctor Strange?


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