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Michael Wilkinson sent out a tweet on the 1st of this month. His hashtags went crazy with his location and the project he's preparing. Here's the photo of the jewelry he was so excited about.

Michael Wilkinson could be on to something when he tweeted this photo. Hopefully this is hinting at [Wonder Woman](movie:45787). Even if we are two years away from Dawn of Justice releasing, we still enjoy the little hints.

Emily Blunt is rumored to be signing up for the [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870).

(Sources) say she is up for Catwoman, which I find to be unnecessary right now because this is a supposed sequel to Man of Steel, not any Batman films. Although it seems like part two of the epic Superman film, Dawn of Justice is something more of the lead into [Justice League](movie:401267). Well, there were also rumors of her portraying Ms. Marvel for future Avenger films, so lets wait for more on these tips around the net. Right now, catch Emily Blunt in the science fiction film, [Edge of Tomorrow](movie:267902) with Tom Cruise. It hits cinemas this Friday, June 6, 2015.


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