ByNicolas Carmona, writer at
Nicolas Carmona

It has been announced by Lucasfilm and Kathleen Kennedy that former director of Chronicle and current director for the Fantastic Four reboot Josh Trank will direct the second Star Wars spin-off movie. I really like this news! I loved Chronicle and I have heard good things about the direction that Fantastic Four is taking, even though they have a much younger cast than what I would like.

Little by little they are giving us more news on the future of this universe, but not gong to lie that it’s killing me that they haven’t announced what those spin offs will be. I am someone that doesn’t want the Fett movie or the Solo movie, Yoda could be interesting; other than that they have a whole universe to explore and adding a director like Trank that gave us such a relatively small movie like Chronicle and gave it such interesting story and, in a way, it’s own little universe. Sounds like a perfect fit for this world.


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