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Jerome Maida

Jasmin St. Claire long known as "America's Most Controversial Sex Symbol", has been cast as Angie Pizzano - one of the leads in the upcoming crime thriller "Blue Suede" and she says she couldn't be happier.

"Angie is a complete, all-around bad-ass", St. Claire says cheerfully. "She is the type of girl (that when) she goes out by herself, her boyfriend or her husband don't have to worry. She can handle herself."

"She's a very powerful woman", St. Claire continues. "I mean, there's no character like Angie, really. Because you get a lot of these mob mob wives, you know, that grew up in mob families (and) that aren't that strong."

"She's a strong woman."

Set in the seedy underworld of Boston, "Blue Suede" revolves around a bloody turf war between the Italian mob and the Chinese Triads. Although it is unclear who will win the war, the loser is already determined: the law-abiding citizens of Boston. In the midst of all the bloodshed, FBI agents attempt to stop the violence.

They definitely have their hands full with the powerful Angie Pizzano, a role St. Claire says is perfect for her.

"This (Angie Pizzano role) is totally me, because I'm a very strong person", says St. Claire. "In fact, whenever I date a guy, they know they don't have to worry about me going anywhere or anybody doing anything to me, because I can handle myself."

"I feel a lot of elements of me in Angie", St. Claire continues. "I mean, I've never really had an Italian character before, but I really like this one a lot. It's really cool."

St. Claire says her character alternates between being reminiscent of the hot-tempered Sonny Corleone and the always thoughtful, always planning Michael Corleone.

"Angie Pizzano, I think she's half Guido, so she's very violent to some degree ", says St. Claire. "But she's a very powerful person. You know? She belongs to a very powerful family and she uses that power."

""I love Angie", St. Claire continues. "There's only one character like Angie Pizzano - and that's Angie Pizzano."

Of course, St. Claire feels there is only one actress that can play Angie Pizzano, too.

"Yeah, I'm bringing her to life", concludes St. Claire. "People are going to remember her. That's all I know."


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