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On the back of Maleficent's whopping success, Disney is pressing ahead with a live-action Beauty And The Beast, to be directed by Bill Condon, helmer of the final two Twilight movies.

The hiring of Condon, who's best known for working on Dreamgirls and Chicago indicates that Disney is thinking of going the musical route. If they do, then I'm ten times more excited for this project than I would be otherwise...

But exactly how the new flick will re-invent the story of the cursed prince and the young woman who wins his hairy heart to break the evil spell remains to be seen. So, while we mull that over, here's our casting pick for the 3 main Beauty And The Beast roles.


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Beast

If there's anyone who could play a troubled yet lovable Beast, its boulder-size biceps and chiseled chest Game of Thrones actor Nikolaj, who plays the corrupted but not altogether morally bankrupt Jaime Lannister.

Similar to Beast, he may have started off being grumpy and mean, but he's slowly transforming into someone more sympathetic, someone capable of feeling - and caring. And bearing in mind that Game of Thrones is one of the most brutal shows around, being a series regular doesn't mean immunity against being killed in a very horrific way: No one is safe! Coster-Waldau could be looking for a new gig at any time...


Elizabeth Olsen as Belle

Olsen just has that smart leading lady quality that could really make Beauty And The Beast Disney-grade magical. We know the Godzilla and Oldboy star used to take singing lessons and she has no problem playing nerdy roles (she's soon to be seen as Scarlet Witch in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron), which fits perfectly with book-loving Belle.

I know she can pull off Belle's independence and ability to stand up for herself, but those big, wide Bambi eyes also reflect Belle's softer, dreamier side. She's also got 'imprisoned' down, after taking on a role in last year's In Secret, in which she played wife to a husband who shows greater sympathy for the caged bears in the zoo than he does his wife.


Joe Manganiello as Gaston

Rough-around-the-edges True Blood and Magic Mike star Manganiello would make the perfect Gaston, lusting after Belle, the one girl he wants but can't have. He's already got the hair, knows how to play a good villain, has the vain suntan to set himself apart from the other characters, and the circumference of his neck needs no further explanation!

Sure, we know that he can do the werewolf thing fine, but how would he take the Disney Beast competition? I'd love to see it. What's more, after the True Blood fever dies down with the final season approaching, what else will the beefcake be doing?


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Who do you want in Beauty And The Beast?

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