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We were all distressed beyond our wildest dreams about the death of Damon in The Vampire Diaires, but it seems his demise even shook the White House itself!

Ian Somerhalder posted a picture on his Instagram account of what appears to be President Obama himself threatening to shut down the government if he is deprived of his weekly Damon fix.

Check out the image for yourself below;

Needless to say, I eagerly trawled back through the President's Twitter account looking for evidence of this momentous moment in U.S. politics. Alas, there is nothing to be seen.

Either Ian Somerhalder is playing with us, or Obama decided his heat of the moment Tweet wasn't appropriate and hastily deleted it!

Whatever happened, this certainly isn't the first time Obama has Tweeted about his favourite TV shows, so it is entirely possible it was the big man himself.

Take a look at some of the best Tweets from politicians, including the President himself, regarding our favorite TV shows below;

1. No Spoilers!

Of course the President watches [House of Cards](series:726551)!

2. An unlikely duo

John McCain reaches out to make an unlikely alliance with Snooki and embarrasses himself severely in the process. Who knew old folk liked Jersey Shore?!

3. Television bites back!

Its not just politicians Tweeting about TV shows, sometimes the TV shows Tweet politicians too! Check out House of Cards getting sassy with the British Labour leader, Ed Miliband

4. Breaking Bad band wagon!

The Democrats capitalize on the success of Breaking Bad to make a pop at the Republican Party... But they're not the only ones.

Yep, the Republicans are at it too! Nice to see both parties keeping it so classy...

5. Sir Patrick the prankster!

When the British Prime minister posted this staged photo of him on the phone to President Obama...

Sir Patrick Stewart wasted no time making his own parody!

Beautiful stuff.

6. Honorable mention: It's not quite TV, but it is adorable!

Remember Batkid? The adorable 5-year-old who was a superhero for the day obviously won Obama's heart as well as our own.

Do you think that [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) deserves a presidential shout out?


So, do you think that Obama was Tweet real?

(Source: Instagram)

(Images: Tumblr)


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