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Kellan Lutz is a man of many talents. He not only has the body of a finely carved marble statue and a proud history in the Cullen vampire clan; he’s also a real life inventor!

The hunky actor appeared on the Conan show where he revealed that he has actually patented a few inventions, but some of them just didn't make the grade.

Namely his "alco pops" - a more literal take on the popular boozy soft drinks that involved crafting alcoholic freeze pops. Lutz was wise enough to know that it's pretty difficult to freeze alcohol unless you get the ratios just so, but he was foolish enough to glug down all of his failed creations.

Although the actor sincerely believes he did eventually crack the tricky proportions of sno-cone syrup to vodka, he was so drunk by the time he had his “Eureka!” moment that his notes from the experiment looked like the illegible scrawls of a drunk mad man. Which is exactly what they were!

Check out the interview in full below;

Oh well Kellan, God loves a trier!

Would you slurp on one of Kellan Lutz's "alco-pops"?


Kellan Lutz's alco-pops sound...

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