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Elisabeth Olsen and Dakota Fanning both find themselves at a strange sort of crossroads. Having shunned the fame of her sisters, Olsen has been bubbling away on the indie scene, slowly establishing herself as a promising young actress, before taking the leap to bigger budget fare. Dakota Fanning's career path, on the other hand, has been simply the polar opposite.

So you get the feeling Very Good Girls is the point where their two roads happen to meet. It's a coming-of-age Sundance type of thing about two sisters looking for love during the summer before college. Check out the trailer below:

Doesn't look to be breaking a great deal of ground but the cast is undeniably appealing. Fanning and Olsen are always enjoyable and Clark Gregg and Peter Skarsgard show up in supporting roles. No doubt the biggest woop goes out to veteran Richard Dreyfuss. Why the Jaws star is becoming such a rare cinematic treat is a strange sort of mystery.

Any trailer which mentions finding yourself in big letters on the screen should certainly be approached with caution, but considering everyone involved, however, we'll be giving this one the benefit of the doubt.

Will you? Let us know below.

[Very Good Girls](movie:469752) hits theatres on July 25th


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