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Like it or not, the celebrity crowd funding takeover is upon us, and today it throws up another tasty morsel.

Don Cheadle has taken to Indiegogo to plea to fans and film-lovers to help give his Miles Davis biopic [Miles Ahead](movie:14856) that last push into production. The actor, who will direct and star as the legendary trumpet player, has already rounded up Ewan McGregor in a supporting role and has Herbie Hancock on board too. Check out his campaign video right here:

Name-dropping Jay-Z and Nas seems strange enough but throwing Skrillex in the mix is downright bizarre. Sounds like an interesting project all the same, and always nice to hear that the music- at least in parts- will be live.

A social production for a social musician. Neat.

Would you contribute to a project like this, or perhaps you have before? Let us know about the experience below.

Cheadle apparently needs $325,000 by July 6 so head over here if you care to help out.

(Via. TheWrap)


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