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Prepare for some serious weeping, because Amy Adams and Garrett Hedlund's upcoming cancer drama Lullaby is going to prompt some serious feelings. Probably the crying-related kind.

The film, written and directed by Andrew Levitas, is the story of a young man (Hedlund) who returns home to find that his father has only 48 hours to live. Interspersed with a fledgling romance with Adams' character, Hedlund finds himself dealing not only with his own family's tragedy, but his very relationship with the world around him.

Fortunately, what could be a mawkish and slushy piece of cinematic manipulation looks to be blessed with some interesting dramatic choices - and a cast most films would kill for. Hedlund and Adams are joined by Richard Jenkins, Anne Archer, Jennifer Hudson, Terrence Howard and Jessica Brown Findlay.

Which, considering Richard Jenkins is one of the most inexplicably underrated actors of his generation, is a great selling point if ever there was one.

You can check out the trailer for yourself below:

UPDATE - For your viewing pleasure, we now have two - Count 'em, TWO - trailers for Lullaby ready and awaiting your viewing pleasure. You can check out the second one - which gives a much better idea of the relationship between father and son - below:

[Lullaby](movie:400235) is set for release June 13, 2014.


Just how much of a tearjerker do you think Lullaby is going to be?


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