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It has been some time since i started watching Young Justice. Well, there are always people who say "dude grow up" and stuff like that but I feel obliged to say a few things about this masterpiece.

Even though it is a simple cartoon, well its not. The plot was totally amazing and throughout the 26 episodes of the 1st season I came to love every member of the young league. On the beginning of my cartoon research I was trying to find something with the classical heroes we all love like Batman, Superman etc... and when I saw Young Justice my first thought was ... snob. But I made the right choice and watched 1 or 2 episodes and automatically loved it! The plot, the way everything was happening and Superboy and Artemis joining the team was amazing. I have to admit that these 26 episodes gained my heart interest and respect.

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The series begins with the "big day" which is about the meeting with the [Justice League](movie:401267) of the so called sidekicks of some superheroes like the Robin of Batman, Speedy and so on. After all is said and done the team is Superboy, a Superman clone who was mystically developed by a project called "Cadmus", Kid Flash, Robin (Grayson), Miss Martian the niece of Martian Headhunter, Aqualad the brave kid of Atlantis who becomes the leader of the team and finally Artemis, an enthusiastic beautiful blonde archer girl who claims to be Green Arrows niece. Also we sometimes see Speedy who now goes solo with Red Arrow and Zantanna.

And when my enthusiasm was at its unstoppable peak, I watched the final episode of season one and I totally loved it. After a couple of hours i wanted to see the second season too, but I discovered that all the old heroes where cut and some new storyline was being promoted. Well I don't want to say that it wasn't nice, there is Nightwing, Robin, and Miss Martian is still here and some others, but the true Young Justice had disappeared. As for me this was one of the biggest disappointments of my life. I would gladly see at least 10 seasons of the KF Grayson, Artemis, Superboy MM AqL team and i want to recommend the series even the s2 for everybody (I think there is a s3 too, but anyway). But still I want to hope on some more seasons of this team coming out .

Although all this gave me an idea. How about a Young Justice movie? Yes, I know that we are waiting for many big movies like the [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) or the new [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) and many others but think about it!

  • First of all we could join forces of the shared universes of DC and join some people like Speedy, Robin and others. Even though for me it would be amazing to continue with the 6 youngsters I already referred to but still there are many beautiful choices that would not only help kids see something less violent and still really Superhero-y but it would help us embrace and be proud of our inner geeks as we would watch the movie!
  • This movie could be before or after the, I think, announced upcoming Justice League movie and keep the enthusiasm flamed up.
  • Last but not least, it's something new that we have never seen on the big screen and would be really interesting to watch even better as a series.

To sum up, I highly recommend the series especially the 26 s1 episodes and any comments for a movie? Your thoughts?


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