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Here are my thoughts on this decision:

You SON OF A MUPPET! (jokes)
You SON OF A MUPPET! (jokes)

It has been confirmed from The Hollywood Reporter that Twilight director Bill Condon will direct a live action adaptation of Disney's classic Beauty and the Beast.

With Angelina Jolie's recently released family/fantasy film Maleficent there's no surprise that Hollywood is creating a live action Beauty and the Beast. You can't blame them! It brings in some serious cash and you create a nice little fan base. In the meantime, I don't see Disney slowing down anytime soon when it comes to recreating their classics into live action movies (which isn't a bad thing).

The truth be told... I'm fine with this choice because this movie could be a very successful box office hit! No matter what the outcome is Disney's (original) Beauty and the Beast will always be around to watch.

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and, no, your childhood is not ruined...

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