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Jack Murray

Let me just say that when I went to see [Edge of Tomorrow](movie:267902) I didn't expect much. I expected a typical Tom Cruise movie with an overload of CGI, but it was not just that. Yes, it did have a massive amount of CGI, but it didn't rely only on special effects. What I mean is this had story, suspense, witty humor, and characters that are actually worth giving a shit about.

I am not a massive fan of Tom Cruise, he can over-act at times, but his performance in this was terrific. Emily Blunt was just as great, Bill Paxton also acted really well.

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What I liked about this was that most movies these days use the special effects as the main focus and use the story and characters to support it, but this used the story and characters as the main focus and the special effects were the ones supporting. The story in this was down to the point, and not over-complicated or ridiculous.

The sci-fi genre is now only special effects and little to no story at all, but this was different. I really hope more movies like this are made, movies that rely too much on effects are cool, but forgettable, movies that don't rely only on the effects, and actually have story and great characters are awesome and memorable. This was awesome and memorable.



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