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Transformers is a movie that comes out every couple of years and makes tons of money and pleases tons of audiences, but unfortunately the film undergoes a tremendous amount of scrutiny. The reason is because once upon a time, one person said: "Hey! Michael Bay is stupid, he just likes explosions" and since that day just about everybody on the internet has followed this opinion like a bunch of Sims. The fact is not that the movies are amazing quality of story-writing nor are they Oscar worthy. But, they are enjoyable and not near as bad as everybody says they are. Hence why they continue to make bucket loads of cash. Here are 5 reasons in defense of Transformers. I'm awaiting the Bay-Haters at the end of this.

5. The Cinematography

One thing that's always not credited is the cinematography of the the Transformers movies. The scenes are always new and exotic shot from various angles. This makes the films a lot more welcoming and just creates a good impression in cinemas.

4. The Humor

At this current moment in time, there are very few people that like Shia LaBeouf because of his various antics and attention seeking. But it has to be said that the humor that he was put with in the first three movies was quite funny. There was always a good balance between action and comedy in the Transformers movies and I think this is down to Michael Bay who has been known to do that before (Bad Boys). Also Sam's (Shia) parents in the movies were always quite humorous too. They were the over-protective parents even before Sam got involved with Autobots and Decepticons.

Can Transformers 4 match this with Mark Wahlberg? Time will tell.

3. The Score

I'm a lover of movie scores and Transformers is no exception. Steve Jablonsky (above) is one of the finest composers of our time and his Transformers score's are so good that they rarely need to be changed in sequels. His two best in my opinion are: Arrival to Earth and Skorponok. Definitely worth a watch!

2. The Visual Effects

Even if you dislike these movies, you cant say the effects are not spectacular. They are throughout the whole movie and are as good as - if not better than most Marvel movies. The time and effort that would be put in to render each and every frame would be tiring to even hear, but it's done and the movies always look fantastic.

1. The Sound Editing

I know what most of you are thinking; "why is this #1?". Well stop for a minute and think about each sound in the Transformers movies. From high octane explosions to the ear-pleasing transformation of an autobot, it all sounds absolutely amazing. I remember the first time I saw and heard the opening transition revealing the Transformers logo. It was spectacular and credit has to be handed to the sound editing team. Just as much credit as the special effects team.

I would say to comment on what you guys think, but I can't help but imagine that you all dislike these movies... nevertheless, I hope that I may have changed your mind somewhat.

So what do you think, can [Transformers: Age of Extinction](movie:206531) really be better than the original?

Thanks for reading!


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