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Colm S. Herron

Warning: 24: Live Another Day spoilers coming up!

In last weeks [24: Live Another Day](series:951373) the episode ended with Heller being killed at Wembley Stadium by a drone controlled by Margot Al-Harazi and her son. It would appear that Heller had his ticket well and truly punched. However on re-watch I thought differently.

For these reasons:

1. The countdown clock wasn't silent, which it always is when a good character dies or there is a moment of high emotion.

2. Jack is still on the phone to Chloe, he did not hang up he simply put it to the side.

3. Chloe was intercepting the control of the drone and if so would've been able to somehow alter what it sees; perhaps a Speed like delay on the video feed.

Food for thought. But I'm sure well find out tonight.

But what do you think?


Is Heller Dead?

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