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Torino Thefilmdude Johnson

I am really excited about X-Men: Apocalypse coming 2016. I really want to get on that set, and work. I don't care if it’s carrying Bryan Singer's book bag, lol. Most longtime X-Men fans of the comics, and cartoons really are freaking out with excitement right now. Just like the Justice League movie, and Avenger's movies, we have been waiting all our lives to see this happen. Apocalypse showed up in the comics in the 80's, and has been one of if not the greatest villain in X-Men history. He is so powerful that he turned Angel, Professor X, Magneto, Mystique, Storm, Wolverine,

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There have been many versions of the story since the 80's. If they don't go with the story with Angel, then the story with Mystique, Professor X, Storm, and Magneto as his horseman will do with Mesmero doing his bidding( instead of Mr. Sinister) from the X-Men: Evolution series will do. There are so many possibilities, and so many good story lines that they can do. What version of Apocalypse would you fans like for them do when they release [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267)? Also, Bryan Singer said that Nightcrawler and Gambit will be in the next film with a possibility of Cable and Forge.

However, this is the question of the day: who do you guys think should play Apocalypse? Fox studios, and Bryan Singer have said that they will be using the older version of the character than the 18 year old version in the after credits scene. My choices are Arnold Vosloo, Bryan Thompson, & one of my favorite actors that D.C. passed on for Lex Luthor, Mark Strong. Chime in guys, and girls. Who do you think should play Apocalypse?


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