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Mark Newton

Welcome to Moviepilot's Create Your Superhero Adventure!

The idea is simple. By clicking the link below you will begin a superhero adventure all the way from your humble origins to your heroic conclusion. The story is told through interlinking pages with each page giving you a dilemma or choice of two options. Picking different options takes the story in different directions which weaves across several different, but criss-crossing, narratives. Eventually, if you make the right choices, you will arrive at one of eight climatic (or not so climatic) endings.

However, beware, there are also GAME OVERS which end the story and force you to start again (or more easily go back a page). Those who want to get immersed in the story you can read the prose, while those wanting to snap through quickly can read the short recaps at the end of each article. Click below to get started!




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