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Been reading comics since 'Man in the Anthill'! Played old school D&D when there was only 4 classes to play. I remember when video gam
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While not in costume, Hamill is brandishing a lightsaber and giving us his best Jedi pose. That and the look at the new physique and that steely eyed, bearded look makes this picture [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) gold!

The above photo of Mark Hamill (and someone else you may recognize) is an official promo pic for Walt Disney World's popular Star Wars Weekends event, which Hamill will appear at for the first time from June 6-8.

Love this pic and Hamill's look. I can see an elder Luke Skywalker with that distinguished beard that screams 'TEACH ME YOUR WAYS'!

By the way, Mark, MUCH RESPECT for puttin' off the pounds and looking great at your age. You're an inspiration!


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