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Well, with recent reports that Marvel's shortlist of directors to replace Edgar Wright as director for Ant-Man have all turned down the offer, two more directors have surfaced to the tops of rumors to be in consideration by the multi-billion dollar Marvel Studio: Nicholas Stoller & Michael Dowse, directors of two of the most recent theater comedies [Neighbors](movie:401406) starring Zac Efron and [What If](movie:475823) starring Daniel Radcliffe.

It seems reports were right when they said Marvel Studios wants a director to start filming immediately. Everyone claims to be too busy to start immediately, however these two directors may currently be under Marvel's eye since they have quite literally just ended their interviews, development, and marketing campaigns for their recent films, which surely means they would begin searching for their next film project fairly soon. What better way to get a job than to be offered one right after the successful launch of your latest blockbuster.

Nicholas Stoller

Everywhere I turn, people are talking about how hilarious Neighbors was. Marvel Studios always wants people to leave the theater talking about how awesome they thought the movie was, and with recent comedy directors being Marvel's focus on the shortlist, it seems Stoller would be an ideal choice. As some have pointed out, Marvel does tend to hire writer-directors such as Stoller who can pen an excellent script just as well as they can direct.

Michael Dowse

CinemaBlend reports:

Dowse is a Canadian filmmaker who recently directed What If, the new romantic comedy starring Daniel Radcliffe and the magical adorable wonderful Zoe Kazan. He's also got no real action movie experience, though he's known to blend comic chaos with a sort of sweetness. You can catch this in his severely-underrated Goon from 2011, which takes the violence and chaos of hockey and adds a dollop of romance to it. Unlike Stoller, Dowse isn't really in a position to say no easily to this job.

This is definitely an offer that is hard to turn down, as it's success is nearly guaranteed. I don't think many movies can trend as much as [Ant-Man](movie:9048) on Facebook before the production has even begun and not make at least 80 million opening box office. Is Marvel going to pursue a director who they think will definitely say "yes" purely because they need production to start immediately?

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Ant-Man will hit theaters next year shortly after the studios' potential summer hit [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035).


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