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Scott McCann

Warner Bros have announced Djimon Hounsou as the latest addition to the cast of David Yates-directed Tarzan. Hounsou will play Chief Mbonga in the action adventure in a star studded cast, oozing class.

Harry Potter veteran David Yates is directing the film, with Empire reporting that;

"The plot will revolve around Alexander Skarsgard as the iconic ape-man after he has left the jungle and settled in London, only to be called back into action at the behest of Queen Victoria. Her Majesty asks him to investigate dodgy dealings around a mine. The Wolf Of Wall Street’s Margot Robbie is set as Jane, with Samuel L. Jackson as a comrade and Christoph Waltz menacing proceedings as a villain."

We'll next be hearing him as a voice role in How To Train Your Dragon 2, which opens June 13, and next on-screen in Guardians Of The Galaxy. Tarzan, is scheduled to hit screens July 2016.


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