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Hi guys! So this is another theory article where I examine certain aspects of a topic. Guess what I'm doing in this one. Yes! Why Man of Steel would have got hated on anyway. I know there will always be haters to anything, because hate speaks louder than love.

Okay, I liked Man of Steel, but others didn't, why is that? Is it because it didn't pay homage to the core of Superman's character? Too much action? The ending? Zack Synder directed? Overuse of CGI? Well, there's one thing I concluded, which it should be obvious...

Does Anyone Really Like Superman?

That's a good question! Besides the fact that Superman Returns had no action and made Lex Luthor into a real estate agent for a plot that was just weak, Superman's character was hated and loved at the same time. Certain angles in the movie like the extended Krypton scene or the destruction of Metropolis was hated on, yet people asked for more action and less of the whole "growing up in Smallville" thing.

Let's be realistic here... NO ONE REALLY KNOWS WHAT THEY WANTED FROM THIS MOVIE! Don't tell me... you wanted a brighter story? Well here's the thing... that's what made Superman boring to many people!

To be honest, Kal-El's character was always shunned upon, he seemed too "perfect," and unrelatable. That really gets to me because they were trying to make him relatable in the movie, an outcast if you will. Come on, this was his first time being a hero and really using his powers against an experienced soldier who is just like him and immediately learns how to use his abilities.

Anyway, Superman's character has been seen as this perfect being and solves every conflict easily. They were showing that in the beginning you will mistakes, but in time, you'll be a symbol of hope. Superman's been too flawless and they wanted to give him time grow, yet people still think it shouldn't be that way.

People always hated him for being so strong and powerful, yet other characters who do some of the same things as Superman get all the praise.

Superman has been lifting planets and weights of stars for years, everybody hates him for being that ridiculous. Hulk starts lifting those types of weights, everybody loves it. A lot of characters in the superhero genre evolve and get stronger like Superman, but people hate that because he's already perfect. A lot of people were outraged by this fight.

Death Battle: Goku vs Superman
Death Battle: Goku vs Superman

Now I know there is going to be a war in the comment just for showing this picture, but oh well. Goku is said (from fans) to be the strongest character ever made. He can blow up planets and fight super-powered beings, like Superman. He is also a light-hearted hero, so why is he more loved than Superman? We'll save that for the comments.

Superman was created in 1938, when times were just different and through his existed he was constantly rewritten is different ways. Yes, people call he "inconsistent" but he's that way for a reason. In the Golden age of comics, Superman has been getting stronger and stronger into the Silver Age, so other writers (over time) decided to rewritten his story because there would be no point of having a "Justice League" where as one person can do it all. Also, originally, Superman was suppose to be a vigilante and killed his villains. However, his image was changed to a brighter one.

Why am I telling you this now... showing people the history behind the character brings up the question "Would he have been more likable." Honestly, MoS was bad to certain people, but the reason behind it was always different for different people.

The only problem I had with the movie was the pacing. Sure, the movie had flaws with the characters and the plot, but the pacing was the real "killer" of the movie.

Let me just say this one piece. A lot of who didn't like Superman loved movie. MoS is a flawed movie, there are certain parts that could have made it a whole lot better. It's not like the Marvel movies before Avengers were not flawed, they were because they was focused on getting Avengers out. The Avengers movie made the other movies before look better.

What do you think? Would Man of Steel been hated anyway? What parts of it would you fix? Leave a comment below?


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