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Chronicle was one of the best superhero movies to come out in the past two movies not made by the big two (Marvel and DC.) It featured three teenagers played by Alex Russel, Dane DeHaan, and Michael B. Jordan who find a mysterious rock and get powers like flight and telekinesis. The power starts to go to one's head (DeHaan) and results in the death of one of his friends (Jordan). This pushes him over the edge and he goes rampaging, leaving it up to Russel's character to stop him. I love it and there is a sequel in the works.

In the end, DeHaan is killed and Russel's fate is left unknown.

There is currently a sequel in the works but what would it be about. The film ends on an ambiguous note, not telling what happens to our main character. Are the directors planning on changing that or will they give new characters? The fate of the rock was never revealed in the first film, so this is a chance to change that, but would it take away part of the charm? The reality of the film was great partially because of the way it was shot and partially because they explored their powers and used them like normal people before they decided to figure out the origins of the rock.

In an interview on, Max Landis (the films writer) talks about the idea that Chronicle 2 would follow the world's first super villain. That is an interesting idea but the idea of super villains is far fetched to the point where Nolan stayed away from any supernatural villains in his Batman series. When a villain gets super powers, the norm is that they will evolve to become, from lack of a better word, tacky. The first Chronicle, although about super powers, felt realistic. The idea of creating something like a super villain is a risk but it could really pay off.

My idea for the plot is this. There is another group of friends who have stumbled upon the same thing as the original characters but in a different place. The excuse for it to be shot on film is that they are making a documentary about trying to figure out the origins of their powers. They track down the original hero from the first film and he has been seeking the same answers as them. He has started a life of his own with his now pregnant girlfriend from the first film and is trying to forget what happened, neglecting his powers.

This is just a set up. It can be taken in so many different places and I'd love to see it in the comments below. If you have any other ideas or thoughts, also comment. I'd love to start up a conversation.


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