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If you're a huge Batman fan, such as myself, you of course love the Joker right? RIGHT! Don't get me wrong, I love the Joker. But personally, he's getting a little old for me in the cinematic world. Yes, there technically has only been two Jokers in the cinematic Batman world, but let's face it; no one will be able to match Heath Ledgers performance. I don't care how hard they try, they won't be able to do it because Ledger actually became "The Joker".

That's why they need to forget about the Joker for this generation and wait a decade or two for the next incredible actor to come around to take on the challenge. When Jack Nicholson became the first Joker, they didn't wait only five years before re-amping him into the series. They waited twenty years. So put the Joker aside and introduce the next best thing, my second favorite behind the Joker: The Riddler.

The Riddler is one of the most brilliant Batman villains in my opinion. He's just as clever as the Joker is, and is easily one of Batman's toughest adversaries. Don't get me wrong, I thought Jim Carrey's portrayal of the Riddler was great, but it was a little too comedic for me. Now that I've gotten older, I would love to see a serious, more dark Riddler. I think it would be perfect for the feel they are trying to bring to The Dark Knight. With [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) right around the corner, I can't help but hope they reintroduce the Riddler to the big screen. But this time, with a little more spunk.

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I want to see a Riddler that is as witty as he is psychotic. Take the charm of Leonardo DiCaprio, mix it with the dark creepiness of Johnny Depp, and add that to the psychosis of James Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes; and I think you'd have a fantastic Riddler right there! Let's just hope they make my dreams come true, and make this Riddler actually happen. If they don't, I guess I will have to take on the challenge and do it myself!

Now, on to my top 5 actors that could easily take on "The Riddler".

  • 5. Leonardo DiCaprio

Yes, I said it. Leonardo DiCaprio. He may be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. But the man can do anything. He especially can be creepy if he tries to be. He may not have the perfect look to play Edward Nygma, but he sure has the charm and whits to play him. He wouldn't be my first choice, but I think it would be a good change for Leo! But of course, Christopher Nolan would have to direct.

  • 4. Johnny Depp

I think Mr. Depp needs to get out of that same old Disney, Jack Sparrow character he plays in everything now, ever since Disney swooped him up. He needs a change of pace and I think he would play a pretty damn good Riddler if you ask me. As long as he can remember his old Tim Burton self and return to how we all know and love Mr. Depp. Come on Johnny!

  • 3. James Badge Dale

He can play a pretty awesome badass. As we saw in [World War Z](movie:12855); but fighting zombies, and being a chilling genius villain are two different stories entirely. I think his portrayal of the Riddler would be very different, even to my description of what I'd like to see. But it might even work. If he were to take on the role, it would be very, very chilling.

  • 2. Walton Goggins

Even though, he could play the Joker, I think he would be way more fitting for the Riddler. He can clearly play a badass, bad guy, as we've seen in [Django Unchained](movie:202587). He would for sure bring a different kind of Edward Nygma to the screen and that is just what I want to see. He doesn't have the charm, but he sure does has the look, and the badassness. Even though, I'm used to seeing his playing a country dumbass, I think playing a witty genius, badass would be a great way to switch up his acting and really show us what he is made of.

  • 1. Andrew Scott

If you're not familiar with Andrew Scott, and are wondering why he is my number one pick for the Riddler. Sherlock. No, not the American version. The BBC version. The good one. He plays Sherlock Holmes' arch nemesis, James "Jim" Moriarty. He clearly proved that he can play a psychotic mastermind and that is just what I want to see in the Riddler. He has the charm, the wits, he speaks in riddles, and he is a genius. He's practically already the Riddler! If they don't pick him to play the Riddler, I don't know who else would be more perfect!


Who do you think would be the better Riddler?


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