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WWE star Dave Bautista and UFC star Georges St. Pierre are set for a big movie project, Kickboxer, according to Hollywood Reporter.

It's still unclear how significant of a role Batista and GSP will play in the movie, which will be a reboot of the 1989 movie that starred Jean-Claude Van Damme. Now I have always been a JCVD fan since before I saw Batista power-bombing his opponents in the ring, so I'm not sure I want to see a reboot. It's still interesting though.

The Poster for Van Damme's original film.
The Poster for Van Damme's original film.

The movie is expected to be showcased to international buyers at this week's Cannes Film Market. If the movie is bought, we expect to gather more details regarding to when production and filming would commence. Batista however did leave the WWE on the most recent episode of Raw, which might hint out that the project is soon to begin, once he concludes his promotion of Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy. However, some fans are already upset over the fact that the original classic will be reboot. Did you ever watch Kickboxer and are you interested in a reboot? Stay tuned for future updates.


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