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I'm a huge fan of the DC Universe animated movies. There's always been one thing that bothered me about them, though. They were aimed at an older crowd and borderline inappropriate for anyone under the age of 13 for sure. I still don't understand why filmmakers can't cater to both younger and older audiences at the same time.

It's not like they're going to lose an older audience if they take away the sexual innuendos, bad language, and adult content. However, those elements will keep parents from letting younger children watch them. There's more to gain from removing the offending material than keeping it in there and alienating an entire group of potential viewers (and buyers). I wish there were more neutral DC Universe movies like "JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time."

Lex Luthor captures an entity named the Time Trapper who controls the Sands of Time. Superman's arch nemesis and his Legion of Doom use the mysterious being's powers to travel back in time and wipe out the very existence of the Justice League of America. Can the super powers foil Luthor's evil plans before they're erased from history and mankind is left to fend for themselves?

"JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time" came out as an exclusive release a few months back through Target stores. It just recently was released to the mass market on DVD only. The movie is good clean fun for the whole family. Female fans will embrace Wonder Woman and identify with teen super hero Dawnstar. Boys will want to emulate Batman, Superman, the Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, and teen marvel Karate Kid as they defend the world from the Legion of Doom and the Time Trapper.

Bonus material for "JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time" includes 2 bonus cartoons from the DC Comics Vault. They include "The Mysterious Time Creatures" from "The All-New Super Friends Hour" Season 2 and "Elevator to Nowhere" from "Super Friends" Season 5. It also contains trailers for "Teen Titans Go," "Beware the Batman," "The Lego Movie," "Tom and Jerry," and "Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure."

"JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time" was almost perfect in every way possible. It was a clean movie which didn't lose its potency without any of the questionable material found in the other DC Universe animated films. The animation is vibrant and technically superb. It's only 53 minutes long, which is just the right amount of time for an animated movie to pick up, establish characters quickly, and then go full-speed ahead with action up to the very end.

"JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time" is available now on DVD and as a Digital Download.

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