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Arrow may be about to get a new arrival from Gotham City - but from the sounds of it, he's set to arrive by way of The Vampire Diaries set.

Steven R. McQueen, The Vampire Diaries' Jeremy Gilbert, has spent much of the past few months hinting on Twitter - not so subtly - that he's set to play the DC hero - and former Robin - Nightwing in the upcoming season of Arrow. Those hints have been building and building, to the point that he's now pretty much just saying on Instagram that he's playing the part - while posing with Arrow himself, Stephen Amell:

The two were attending the NHL playoff finals - and while expressing his support for the L.A. Kings (as they took a 1-0 series lead against the New York Rangers) McQueen was more than happy to attach the following below the image:

@amelladventures @lakings

Which isn't quite an official announcement, but it suggests that either McQueen has a severely over-stimulated sense of imagination, or he has indeed been cast as Nightwing, and just can't keep quiet about it.

In fact, as promotional campaigns go, this would actually be a neat twist. Don't actually announce that you've cast the part - but let your newly hired actor tweet and Instagram about it wildly until people really, really invest in the casting.

Either that, or McQueen is just messing with us. The cad.

[Arrow](series:720988) is set to return to our screens this fall - with or without Nightwing.


What do you guys think? Will we be seeing McQueen as Nightwing - or someone else?



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