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Up until now, all Star Wars video games, comic books, novels and TV shows have not been considered canon. But a while back, Lucasfilm and Disney announced that they'd be creating the Expanded Universe to create one, new, everything-matters continuity.

Looks like that slipped under the net, a little... As the new issue of Star Wars Insider mag is reporting that canon began in their last issue, with a short story titled "Blade Squadron."

Huh. Regardless, it's exciting to know that every issue of Insider will feature canon of the Star Wars galaxy!

"Blade Squadron" is a two-part short story written by David J. Williams and Mark S. Williams, inspired by artwork depicting an unused battle scene from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, and the story focuses on an elite squadron of B-wing starfighters on a suicide mission during the Battle of Endor.

Did this one also pass you by? Have you read the story? Is this is the sort of thing you wanted to see as the first piece of truly new canon? Sound off below!

(Source: io9, Wookieepedia)


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