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When it comes to wanting to dress up as your favorite movie or television character, there seems to be options for every budget imaginable.

For example, want to look like a Godzilla who has suffered an allergic reaction? Well, there's always the inflatable Godzilla costume for that. Want to look like a screen-accurate and authentic [Game of Thrones](movie:817617) White Walker? Well, there's options for that too, but you better bring your checkbook.

Practical effects company, Composite Effects, are teaming up with HBO to deliver high-end, realistic silicone White Walker masks and costumes. They plan to releasing an initial set which contains a mask, gloves and torso piece which will turn anyone into a terrifying accurate looking White Walker. However, if you do want to impress at this year's Halloween, you better be ready to pay for it. The suggested retail price will range from $640-$1590 for each individual piece, and from $1300-$2960 for the complete set. Yeah, I know. Crazy. You can see a tease of the mask below:

Diana Branton, CFX's Chief Creative Officer had this to say about the deal:

It is an honor and a privilege to be working with HBO. Releasing one critically-acclaimed, hit series after another, HBO's reputation for exemplary choices is unquestionable -- CFX is proud to be counted among them.

Jeff Peters, HBO's Global Licensing Director also had some lovely words to say:

CFX has a well-deserved reputation for creating top-of-the-line masks and prosthetic pieces for hit series and films. When they approached us about creating a White Walker set, we were very impressed with their capabilities and instantly knew that they would deliver a product that Game of Thrones fans would be very excited about.

Well, it's a bit hard to get excited about it when I know I will never have anywhere near enough disposal outcome to buy even one of these prosthetic things. Still, I guess it's good news for Bill Gates and Donald Trump.

What do you think? A nice idea, or just ridiculously too expensive?


Would you ever consider buying one of these?



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