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Colm S. Herron

A new extended trailer from the upcoming TV series [The Strain](series:936019) has just dropped online. This is a new vampire horror series from Writer/Producer Guillermo Del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth).

Check out the trailer below:

When say horror, I mean horror, horrible, horrid and all derivatives. From what I can see from the artwork and the style of vampire Del Toro is going for, I think this is going to be a game changer for the genre.

No more gently sinking teeth into one's throat. This depiction of vampires is a lot more like a strain of disease. This same disease is trying to wipe out the human race, or in fine vampire fashion, turn them.

This marks the third time Del Toro has told a vampire story so there does seem to be some fascination there, or in fact he feels like he constantly has something new to say on the genre. In any case the series seems to be in the hands of a well tenured vamp story teller. I'll be checking it out.

What do you think of this type of vampire, keep it classic or try something new?


Classic or Neovamp?


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