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What is it with controversies this month? First it was Justin Bieber's racist videos, then Jonah Hill's homophobic slur, and now Pharrell Williams is in hot water over his questionable choice in head gear. And no, I don't mean that hat.

The rapper and producer is the cover star for Elle UK this month and his portrait shows him sitting in profile wearing a Native American headdress. Check out the image below;

Many Native Americans and other more culturally sensitive individuals were less than impressed with Pharrell sporting the sacred garment, which is reserved for chiefs and warriors. To voice their disapproval the ” hashtag was created on Twitter to try and reach Pharrell for comment.

Pharrell has since apologized for his actions by releasing the following simplistic statement saying he did not mean to disrespect anyone;

I respect and honor every kind of race, background and culture. I am genuinely sorry

Elle UK, the magazine behind the storm is yet to comment on the cultural faux pas.

Do you think people are too sensitive when it comes to the actions of celebrities?


Are people too quick to judge celebrities for their actions?

(Source: BuzzFeed)

(Image: Tone Deaf, Acclaim Mag, Buzzfeed via Elle UK)


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