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Season 4 of The Walking Dead was chock full of awesome little Easter Eggs, hinting at the horrors that were to come in the season. To be honest, I thought I'd spotted all of them - until this little golden, eggy, nugget popped up on

Check it out below:

The Governor was present at Terminus - or at least his umbrella was.

So does this mean the one-eyed despot is, in fact, the big bad lurking in the shadows of Terminus, and his death was just a clever ploy to lure Rick and the group into the hungry arms of the Termites?

Erm, probably not. One possibility, is some of the Governor's camp members ended up at Terminus after following the same signs and railroad as the rest of the survivors. They probably brought the umbrella with them for protection against the burning Georgia sun. The question is, did they join the Termites, or were they eaten by them?

Another, less exciting option, is the crew decided to reuse a prop from earlier in the season and thought that no one would notice.

I guess we'll find out when [The Walking Dead](series:201193) Season 5 premieres in October.


What does this Easter Egg mean?


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