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Earlier this week we reported the news that Game of the Thrones was soon expected to eclipse the incredibly popular The Walking Dead in terms of viewing figures. However, it seems The Walking Dead may have just launched its secret weapon in the ratings war.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, [Game of Thrones](movie:817617) is fast approaching [The Walking Dead](series:201193)'s weekly average of 18.4 million viewers, having just broke the 18 million mark themselves in Season 4 of the show. It seemed for a while that The Walking Dead's throne at the top spot of television could have been under threat from the HBO upstart. More recently, however, we've learned this assessment was a bit premature. AMC has responded to state that the figure of 18.4 million does not take into account replays, on-demand and TV Everywhere views. This means the real weekly average for The Walking Dead is in fact 28 million. A rather huge and seemingly unassailable figure.

Of course, in this age of widespread internet piracy, the actual number of viewership for these shows is almost impossible to accurately ascertain. Indeed, it could be said Game of Thrones does perhaps hold a larger sway on the global market, than the more US-centric The Walking Dead.

Who do you think deserves to win the ratings war? Let us know below.


Who do you think should win the ratings war?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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