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Tino Jochimsen

Nicholas Sparks strikes again!

This one has to be for all of you who feel a deep, unashamed love for The Notebook. This one is for the ladies.

The trailer for The Best of Me features all the tropes that made the Ryan Gosling weepie such a schmaltzy delight:

  • Kisses in heavy rain
  • Unapproving parents
  • James Marsden looking especially dreamy
  • A late, second chance at finding the love of your life
  • A rugged male in sweaty wife beater (actually not sure of this one... well if it wasn't in The Notebook, it should have been)
  • Plenty of PG-13 canoodling

Sadly no Gosling (or James Garner narration for that matter... got me through the film) in sight. Well, you can't have all, can you?

Watch the trailer for The Best of Me:


Did this trailer get the best of you?

The Best of Me will hit theaters and tear ducts October 17th, 2014.


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