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The Justice League Of America was the first team of superheroes, who joined together to fight crime. The top gun team of DC comics, which has quite a good number of heroes, has been a fan favorite among DC fans. We all just love team-ups huh?

Now the Avengers, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby came out a few years after JLA, following the trend set after JLA's success. Now over the years both teams have had some great characters act as it's members but I'm gonna stick to the original seven in case of JLA. And in case of Avengers the original members are only 6 and include Wasp and Ant-man, so personally I don't think it would be totally fair to pair the original 7 of JLA with the exact 6 from the founding avengers team, so I have used a mix that I thought would even the playing field slightly and keep things fair.

Battle of the masters of- Brute Strength


Superman Vs Hulk

Now for the Battle of the ones, who have attained the peak of Human Condition.


Batman Vs Captain America

Next battle!


Wonder Woman Vs Scarlet Witch

You all know these Speedsters-


Flash Vs Quicksilver

The Innovator and the Inventor


Green Lantern Vs Iron Man

Heroes based on and inspired by mythology


Aquaman Vs Hercules

Now for the final battle!


Martian Manhunter Vs Thor

What do you think of these battles? Leave a comment to let us know.

P.S- This is my first article. If you have anything to say, please do.


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