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I really, really wish I liked Laurel Lance. I tried to. I tried so hard, but it just isn't happening. I personally find she is still utterly pointless.

Disclaimer: I don’t agree with the cyber bullying that has accompanied Katie Cassidy/ Laurel. I think there are plenty of ways to express your distaste that is neither rude nor dehumanizing. If you have come here just to hate and slander then I ask you to please keep your comments to yourself. Only well thought out argument please.

Back to the point.

Why don’t most like her? It’s because, even before Oliver died and returned, Laurel was not a likable person. We hear Sara talk about how Laurel got her in trouble with their dad because she dared to have a crush on Oliver before they were dating. We also only see her going on and on about moving in with Oliver in all the flashbacks. She continues to allow Oliver to treat her horribly despite cheating and never listening to her. When he returns she makes it obvious she had no illusions about the kind of guy he was, which made her a boy crazy, insecure character.

We come into this series trying to believe in a mans love for a girl that pulled him through his darkest times on an island and all he wants to do is return to her… when he was screwing her sister in the first few scenes we get of character development.

She can’t seem to decide if she is bad ass or not. She beats up security guards and copy-cat vigilantes, yet is captured at every turn and can’t seem to figure out how to use the peep hole in her door. (Seriously, how many times is her apartment going to be broken into? She needs to move and remain unlisted)

I all but jumped out of my seat with cheers when Moira revealed she knew that Oliver was the Arrow. FINALLY a character that can use common sense to piece it together! If anything, Moira had the most understandable reason NOT to figure it out, and that is because Dig dressed as Arrow and beat Oliver in front of her. Then we have this “epic” scene where Laurel shows up in the lair and offers... nothing. I mean nothing at all.

I don’t know why telling Laurel that Oliver was Arrow seemed like it was going to be this earth shattering thing for the series. She spends time piecing it together, which is just so unlikely that she wouldn’t have already done that. This ‘oh so talented’ and intelligent lawyer never questioned why the vigilante had interest in her family? Does she spend no time trying to understand motive? That seems rather unlikely...

Couples are supposed to strengthen each other. They are not supposed to be dysfunctional apart, but rather they help the other person become the best version of themselves. This never happens with Oliver and Laurel. If anything it leads to yet another reason for Laurel to yell at him every time they have a moment.

Fans have such a lack of empathy despite her difficult situation because there are people on the show with just as much going on in their lives and they don’t blame others for their problems. Laurel plays the victim card at any and every opportunity. It’s unfortunate. I loved Katie Cassidy in Harper's Island. I liked her in Gossip Girl and Supernatural, but here it just doesn't work. She's not a poor actress, but she has no chemistry with Stephen Amell and has nothing to work with writing wise. She is unnecessary. Felicity, Dig, Roy and Sara were already a well balanced team. Sara also provides a wonderful mystery to Black Canary that Laurel will never have.

Sara has a strong martial arts fighting style, shared time on the island, and is connected to the league of assassins doing all manner of things we don’t yet understand. She’s so interesting, and all I want is to learn more about what she did while she was away. Meanwhile the next Black Canary never left Starling City? Laurel went through the same kind of hardships everyday people go through, which isn’t meant to downplay the struggles of the average person, but you don’t start wearing a mask and jumping off roof tops because of family member deaths or an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

It’s starting to feel like this character is being shoved down our throats, and it’s frustrating in an otherwise solid show.


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