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First, I hate the title of Batman V Superman. It automatically shows favoritism. Batman is being presented as the hero in the title, and I don't like how Superman is being portrayed as the "visiting opponent" or the bad guy in the heavy weight match. World's Finest would have made every comic fan in the world happy if it were the title, but, instead of following Man of Steel with a sequel (with Batman), they're following it with pre-justice league movie starring Batman.

Anyway, there's pros for the title of course, but I personally don't care for it. It doesn't affect my desire to see the film, I'll still be first in line for when this film comes out.

DC for whatever reason decides to have the two most popular heroes in comics pitted against each other. (Shouldn't DC be fighting Marvel? Why are they dividing their fan base with one of the most controversial questions in all of comics?) In the end, this question doesn't matter, because its destined to go on forever, just like DC vs Marvel.

But, for now, who would win though? Superman or Batman?

The answer is pretty obvious to me.

Wonder Woman!!

She'll win in the end.
She'll win in the end.

Just kidding. She's not in the fight.

On a more serious note,

Aquaman would have a pretty good chance against both of them.

THAT was SO COOL! Hit him again!
THAT was SO COOL! Hit him again!
Arthur! What are you doing? KILL HIM ALREADY!!!
Arthur! What are you doing? KILL HIM ALREADY!!!

Again, just kidding, but it's time we heard a Aquaman V Wonder Woman debate rather than this age-old debate. But since I decided to address it, I will. (For real. Sorry Flash and GL fans, and all you Martian Manhunter fans too. Didn't have time to address your guys).

So let's go through the battle.

First, I have to say, what kind of battle is this?

Is this just a "put 'em in an arena and see who wins" kind of fight?


is this a "pre-arranged gang-fight behind the school" kind of fight?

Or do they actually need a reason to fight? Like Superman (or Batman) going crazy?

Well, I'll go through each of them, but since I'm the ruler and manipulator of this particular article, I'll have the final say.

So, arena fight first. Who would win?

If say, I was the Beyonder (from the Secret Wars) (Or better yet, if I were the Spectre), and decided to come over to DC for a second and pick up both heroes from whatever they were doing and put them in an arena just as they are and ake them fight, who would win?

Well, I would lose, because they would probs team up and find a way to defeat even the Spectre, but for the sake of the article, let's pretend that they don't and will just fight instead.

Does he have Kryptonite Knuckles? Cheap shot? Nah.
Does he have Kryptonite Knuckles? Cheap shot? Nah.

I truly believe that in this situation, which is a bare-knuckle fight, Batman would lose. Superman, with his Super speed, super strength, heat vision, AND of course his Super-ventriloquism.

Puh-lease, Superman could do this:

Batman would obviously suffocate in his plastic bag S emblem.

I'm kidding, if this ever went down in a battle, I would swear off comics for life. (And that's pretty extreme).

No, but seriously, Superman would take down the Bat in this situation.

(And if anyone is complaining about my situation, well, it was pretty basic. They just were thrown at each other to fight. And I'm tired of Bat-Fans making all these ridiculous situations of Batman vs Anyone, where Batman would win. Personally, I'm an Aquaman fan, so I don't really care who wins. As long as Aquaman just keeps swimming.)

Even if Batman happened to have his kryptonite ring in his lead pocket. Superman could use his heat vision from the other side of the arena and eventually hit his mark. He could probably throw a yacht at him. Batman is handicapped here, he needs to prepare.

In this situation, Superman breaks the Bat.
In this situation, Superman breaks the Bat.

Batman needs time to prepare. He's superior at battle tactics and planning. But its also his human side. Without preparation, Batman could never get the upper hand. (Well, maybe not never. The 60s TV series proved he was a man of resources, and capable of using his resources)

Well, what about a prepared match?

Batman could come up with some battle plan that is superior to Superman's.

However, when it comes down to it, Superman could put on a lead suit given time to prepare (he would know that he has to be coming at him with kryptonite). Or even more prepared Batman would know that he would wear a lead suit, and therefore find a way to puncture the suit.

Batman could mass produce some kryptonite and make some kryptonite missiles, dust, bullets, etc. He has the resources and the kryptonite. It really all comes down to kryptonite when he's fighting Superman.

Better yet, use one of Superman's other weaknesses. (Magic is one thing Superman's strength doesn't help against.) The other weakness, is the yellow sun. Without it's rays, Superman is normal. Batman could rig a device to make the sun red (Super Friends episodes anyone?), this would be similar to the Man of Steel scene on the spaceship. Then Batman could beat him to a pulp.

However, if Superman is given time to prepare, he might realize he has another option. All he really has to do, is go back in time and kill Batman when he's not expecting it.

If he killed him as a kid, this would have Flashpoint level of consequences. But if he went back in time a day before the battle, and killed him in the Batcave, then only a day without batman would occur, not changing much (unless he had been working on a world changing project in 24 hours. But he wouldn't have b/c he was preparing for a battle with Superman.)

This particular battle I believe is up for grabs. Superman could win, but Batman could too, though neither could win easily.

Who killed Green Arrow? That's what caused this.
Who killed Green Arrow? That's what caused this.

In the upcoming film, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Batman is going to win. The reason for this is because Superman won't see him coming. Superman (as far as we know) has no knowledge of Batman yet, and therefore won't know he's cooking up some kryptonite scheme with or without Luthor.

Well, that sums up my opinions. As I said before, it doesn't matter, since this will go on forever. Depending on situations either could win. But in particular, I think they are equally great heroes. Two of the most iconic heroes fighting? (Isn't that what Marvel does?)

So tell me who you would like to win. Or who you think would win, but actually don't want to? (Okay, I hope that made sense)

Until next time...


Who would win?


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