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Oscar winning actor, Matthew McConaughey, has told Deadline in an in-depth Q&A, that while he would not have signed on to star in more than one season of the show originally, due to how enjoyable he found his role as Detective Rust Cohle, he's open to returning for another season.

"That was always how I saw it – one season, eight episodes, a finite beginning, middle and end, goodbye, look forward to watching it.
"If HBO had wanted an option on me for a season two or three, I wouldn't have done it. I wouldn't have walked into something where they could say, 'We've got your for the next three years'."
"I liked True Detective, the whole series and the experience of making it so much, that I'd be open to doing another one now. At the time, I was looking at six months and not beyond that. I don't know of a feature film I'd sign for where I'm going to say, 'If this works, you've got me whenever you want me for the next three years'."

Show-runner Nic Pizzolatto has already confirmed the season 2 of the hit HBO series [True Detective](series:755331) will be set in California, but not Los Angeles. He has confirmed that their will be three lead roles, with Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain and Ellen Page all rumoured stars for the next instalment. It was reported that Nic would seek to cast three females in the lead, although no casting has yet been confirmed.

Source: Deadline


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