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Anthony Sisco

Hi everybody! My name is Anthony Sisco and I'm a local NYC filmmaker. Last year I formed a production company called New Voices Pictures with my producing partner Judi Rymer. It was our goal to make a film from script to screen in less than a year and nine months later we had "The Body", which was written by Jeff Nash. I acted as Director, co-lead, co-producer and composer. We also received international help from our friends in Italy (Paolo Gonella as our cinematographer and editor, Alessio Mattia as assistant editor and Marcello Ferraris as sound-editor).

We screened the film at the Anthology Film Archive in Lower Manhattan on February 4th 2014 exactly nine months after receiving the first draft of the screenplay, and on May 21st, marking a full year since our first day of filming, we uploaded the movie to Vimeo.

Our intention was to bypass the film festival circuit and give it away for free on the interweb. I chose to put it on Vimeo because I feel its the best platform for viewing independent creations by new filmmakers.

Now Im reaching out to my film-fan-film-making community at large to hopefully get some reviews and attention to this piece of art that a lot of beautiful and talented people help create.

It's a comedy. It's only an hour. It's sweet with a little bit of sour.

Please feel free to follow the link and review, like, or comment whatever kind of feelings you have towards it. I appreciate your help, we're all in this together!

Whether you like or hate it, let us know!!!

Thanks again, love to all, keep the creative spirit alive and FREE!

Anthony Sisco

Managing Director, Partner @ New Voices Pictures, LLC.


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