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Ethan Williams

As we know, there have been two Hulk films with major releases. The first starring Eric Bana and the second starring Edward Norton. Both these actors are good, Norton being my favorite, but neither of the movies launched a decent franchise. For a while, many people thought that a Hulk franchise was impossible and nobody could pull off the character. That was until [The Avengers](movie:9040) came out with Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, scientist whose experiment went horribly wrong. It was never made clear if this was the same Bruce Banner we'd seen in prior movies but I assumed that he was his own.

When the film came out, I was so excited. I was thinking that this was the Hulk that we've been waiting for. Everything worked and Marvel started to notice. That begs the question of "Will there be another Hulk movie?" and, if so, "Is that a good idea?". Many people asked if it worked because of the fact that he got to play off of the rest of his team. What happens next depends on the way Ruffalo feels and here's why:

Robert Downy Jr., Tom Hiddleston, and especially Chris Evans have built their recent careers around these characters. Mark Ruffalo will have to decide if he's willing to put that much of his career into this character. He's done some really great work like The Kids are Alright and the recent HBO film, The Normal Heart. None of these are able to spawn a franchise. Is he willing to become the face of a character like Hiddleston or does he want to just be an actor? Edward Norton is a really great actor who was in films like the 25th Hour and Red Dragon. He'd already done work and had made a name for himself. My theory is that he just wanted to make movies and not become Bruce Banner for the rest of his life and I respect that. I would do the same if I were him but it didn't help the movie or the hopeful franchise.

My personal opinion is that Ruffalo is just too good to get tied down. Of course, he's an amazing actor but that is the problem. The Hulk is being done with CGI and that means that we won't see Ruffalo for a good portion of the movie. This is all a matter of opinion and the Hulk was never my favorite superhero so I'd love to see what a hardcore fan thinks in the comments!


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