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Thomas Marsula

While Syndicate X: 2 takes flight a daunting task of getting both book titles recognized is a very daunting task. Currently I can't advance in a third book do to money issues. A movie is an extreme far stretch. However there is good news. I will be attempting a prequel to Syndicate through a video game. But this kick-starter won't look to impressive, I am not good at drawing and making sprites look good. I will be able to tell a story before Syndicate X even happened. I'm using a free game making program and will hope that this kick start will drive Syndicate X forward in a positive direction. I'd much rather have an impressive looking game but I wouldn't be able to afford it. Syndicate X still rides on people discovering either on amazon, goodreads, fictiondb and Ebay and these can all he found by going on going and typing Syndicate X by Thomas Marsula. The lulu website price is too high so I wouldn't recommend that. If this game project gets completed I'll make another update as to where it can be found. Again I still feel as though my super heroes should be giving a chance. There fresh and new and a lot more can come out of this Syndicate world I'm attempting to create.

Again if the movie even becomes a possibility I would promise to work closely and try to find as many struggling actors, and other workers around a movie fields as possible. I feel that if I'm apart of the movie experience it will be better than the original book which I would consider an amazing feet. I know new can be scary but I also use elements from the past to help bridge the gap. This has been a dream since I was kid. I wanted to do a series just like Harry Potter or like the Hunger Games but with super heroes. It's a long way to go and I can't proceed much further without support. This is a scary time for me and my situation could be called close to severe. I know books aren't so much the in thing anymore but like I said I do have attentions to make both a movie and a video game. I re-posted a Syndicate reading challenge on youtube and I said there with enough support a winner would be picked and would be featured in both the movie and video game. I have a changes I want to explore with the movie and I think it will be a something different. It won't seem like any other super hero movie out there and through this website and from my cheaper attempt a a prequel game I hope to spread the news about my mission further.


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