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OK, Let me firstly just start off by saying go easy on me (please) this is my first attempt at this lol!

Ok, So lets go...

I was VERY exited to go and see this movie as I am a bit of a Seth Macfarlane fan. I LOVE Family Guy and American Dad, they are my kinda random, rude, silly, dirty and childish humor...

... But I have to admit watching A Million Ways To Die In The West I was quite surprised to find myself rather bored pretty much half way through. Also looking around at the few other people in the cinema screen, they all were too. (including my partner who came to watch it with me)

Firstly, let me tell you a very tiny bit of what the movie "A Million Ways To Die In The West" is about... Spoiler Alert (I think lol) (I've always wanted to type that)

The main focus of the movie is of course Seth Macfarlane's character, Albert. A rather awkward young sheep farmer who likes to think he can see the world (and the wild west) for what it really is... A dangerous and deadly place to live where people always seem to die from all sorts of random occurrences. (hence the title of the movie I guess)

Albert gets dumped by his girlfriend Louise (Amanda Seyfried) at the start of the film. She says "I need to work on myself", when later on we find out she is actually in a new relationship with Foy (Neil Patrick Harris). Meanwhile, Albert meets a new girl in town. Anna (Charlize Theron) who is secretly married (and waiting for) her husband Clinch (Liam Neeson) who just so happens to be the badest and most notorious gun-slinger around. Oh, I probably should of mentioned that Albert is also a coward, running away from any form of confrontation or violence and always trying to be on the safe side. This is relevent as the mysterious Anna befriends Albert and helps him try and win back his ex, Louise. Slowly and surely the pair end up (yes you guessed it) falling for each other. With Albert not knowing the truth about the mysterious Anna, and who she is actually married to.

Think thats about all I will say about the actual movie, as I dont want to end up telling everyone what happens (which is why I kinda glazed over the start) I'd rather try my hand at giving you all my opinion on it...


For me yes (in places) it was funny, and the storyline did (kinda) seem to make sence. But I think it was just lacking a certain something. To me it was almost as if I was just sat watching a live-action version of Family Guy, but only without the Griffins. At times the humure just seemed to "been there, seen that". I also think that Seth kinda over-played the roll of his character Albert, and seemed to talk and talk and go on and on.

Alot of the jokes and one-liners were just two un-original and it was almost as if Seth was trying way to hard to ether shock us, or make us laugh.

Look out for a few familiar faces in the movie... Ryan Reynolds, Patrick Stewarts voice, Jamie Foxx, John Michael Higgins, Ewan McGregor and even Alex Borstein to name but a few! All cameos, extras or voice work by the way. But still a nice suprise to see them getting involved.

So for me, I can say "Yes!, I have seen A Million Ways to Die in the West" I can even say I enjoyed some of it, and laughed at some of it. Just not all of it.

For me, I'd of been just as happy to watch more Family Guy haha!

Well, Think I'm done,..

Thanks for reading!



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