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Lakeshore Pictures LLC will begin principal photography for new horror/thriller “Sting” this month. Shooting is expected to begin Friday, the 13th. This is the debut feature for the entertainment company. After three girls rob a convenience store on a drug filled rampage, they set out for a cross country road trip. After a terrible car accident, the girls are assisted by a stranger. The stranger ends up being more deadly when they find out that revenge is killer. You think you know how the film will end, but plot twists will keep you guessing on the edge of your seat until the final bloody moments!

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Retired Pro WWE Fighter Spazman Simmons will be handling fight coordination. Written and Directed by Alex Aronson (“What Comes From Within” *winner of “Best horror/thriller” at International Short Film Festival Hollywood).

Director: Alex Aronson
Director: Alex Aronson

Sting is shooting in Western New York and will wrap at summers end.

What do YOU think of revenge films? Is STING something you'd look forward to?


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